Unlock Docomo Photon max Huawei EC315 via Firmware Update

Hello friends, Today, I am going to share with you unlocking solution of Huawei EC315 Wingle Free via Firmware Update Process with the help of CDMA workshop tool. In this article, we mentioned three types of firmware. Out of three two firmware is in exe , which can be uploaded in Wingle simply by running the .exe file (Before running the firmware update, disconnect the internet and close the default software of modem). After a few minutes your Huawei EC315 Wingle will be updated with new firmware. In these all CDMA modem unlocking procedure CDMA workshop tool is involved. Various users had reported that his modem COM port is higher than in CDMA workshop tool.

One firmware is in APP extension. If you are unable to change the EC315 wingle with the .exe file then you can use use app file. To run APP file, you need to download FWT Configuration tool V3.0 also.

Learn How to upload .app firmware file in Huawei EC315 wingle :

  1. Download the both FWT configuration tool and APP firmware update file from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now install FWT in Windows PC and in under Tool list , select Download Tool.
  3. Now browse and select the APP file and click on DOWNLOAD.
  4. Now after a few minutes your wingle firmware will be updated successfully.
  5. After that you can use above any link to change the settings of modem using CDMA workshop tool.
  6. To generate the SPC code you can refer this article.
  7. If your wingle is not detected by firmware update file or FWT configuration tool then it is drivers problem.
  8. You can download the latest Huawei drivers from here.

Its my Humble request to  you to analyse the whole thing before proceeding with steps. If really facing problems, then comment, I will help you.

1. Download EC315 Huawei wingle firmware udpate WL3TCRC21005 APP

2. FWT Configuration Tool V3.0 – To upload firmware in Huawei EC315 wingle

3. Download Fimrware Update of Huawei EC315 Wingle WL3TCRC21005 UPDATE

Another firmware with software download link of EC315 Wingle :

1. Download MTS Huawei Wingle EC315_Update_11­.­WINGLE12.001.10­.00.03.exe (it will replace default software of wingle also) (tested with one device successfully).

Update : Above all firmware have problem in generating the SPC code, hence download the Russian EC315 firmware from below and now you can generate the SPC code successfully. However, after changing the RUIM settings, its revert back to old setting. So, your device will be locked only.
Note : Lta memory will be locked if user’s have flashed their EC315 more than thrice. So, it’s not safe to flash firmware in EC315 more than once.
1. Download Huawei EC315 Wingle Update (Firmware+Software) (Russian MTC EC315)

Source : www.unlock4modem.in/

if any problem persist Kindly follow the link below.


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